@two-fifty yes, sometimes called the McFaggit too
@skatecoasters cope haha
@skatecoasters I never owned vert pads or a trampoline
@skatecoasters so I can't do none of that shit
@skatecoasters I just added a shit ton of new vids about to play em
@skatecoasters it's loading in from the exhd
@skatecoasters cool here they are
@skatecoasters Dat NEW NEW
@skatecoasters there was. 5
@skatecoasters a 540
@skatecoasters Yuto
@skatecoasters jazzy vibes
@macroaura it's another beautiful day everybody
@skatecoasters ayyyeee
@skatecoasters yes it eez
@truegoystrongandfree yo let's go!
@skatecoasters lets goouu
@two-fifty epicly later'd was a decent series
@skatecoasters yeah it was
@skatecoasters I swear I have a whole folder somewhere with all those vids.