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If you like this project and want to keep it free of charge:

you can donate essential programmer and server fuel (coffee) here:

If you include your Channel’s Claim ID in the Ko-fi support message, your channel will automagically appear on the website friends page!

If you are coffee hater and have some spare LBC this is the best address to send it to:

LBC: badF6UwZvPwNSLbRE83L1yZyb6Ba9omLjq

If you are LBC hater, I dont know what you are doing here, but I will gladly accept BTC

BTC: 1GdCTHQzgo2Yxtc36uBnJGpgJGLd99AQts

BTC going to the moon and you don’t want to get rid of it? ETH here

ETH: 0xb9cd3d10De25A659a6d3bDd215C09B9933dd1117

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